person standing in the dark with stars in a swirled galaxy overhead
person standing in the dark with stars in a swirled galaxy overhead
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What is the point of punctuation? In writing, it is to separate words and sentences. But in this case, I’m asking about the ways in which we punctuate life. Going from the house to the office, on weekend trips to new places, and everywhere else in between. The commas, periods, semi-colons, exclamations, and quotations of being alive. We live out our days in commas and exclamations, question marks and quotes. If we’re lucky we end work sentences with a period, instead of ellipses, on a Friday.

We punctuate our time. Writing itself is often a medium for the expression of…

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Creativity is a spark whose molecular makeup is one part joy, one part uneasiness, and one part excitement. When I think of what creativity means for me, it means I have always been interested in imagining what is possible and I seek out experiences that challenge my idea of what is possible in the first place.

I haven’t been able to build or see firsthand most of the things that I have imagined, but there is from time to time a sense that I am at the beginning of building something amazing. …

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This isn’t nutritional advice, but it is advice for how to nourish yourself into a good day with morning habits.

For a long time, I’ve thought one of the best things you can do is start each day with some sort of plain, green vegetable. Over the past few years, I have had a few amazing breakfasts that were my go-to.

  1. Avocado smoothie. 1 avocado, cocoa powder, dash vanilla, unsweetened alt milk (almond, coconut, rice, hemp, whatever you want)
  2. Steamed kale w a teaspoon of olive oil and a dash of salt
  3. Steamed broccoli w a teaspoon of olive oil…

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More times than I can count, I’ve laid down to go to sleep at night only to have a few words of the beginning of something pop into my mind and drive me crazy. If I was worn out enough or had the right kind of day, I would just fend it off and go to sleep, but for all the other times I would pull myself out of bed and grab a notebook or turn on my computer and start writing.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been writing. My mom has a little story I wrote…

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Public speaking can still make you nervous, but not everybody has to know.

In the 6th grade, I gave a persuasive speech to students and parents at school. I spent the day before nervous about how it would go. It came and went, there was no ultimate failure. Nobody ridiculed me. I spent more energy being nervous about the outcome than I did making my speech better. From that day forward, I’ve tried to suspend that nervous energy so that I can do better when it’s time to perform.

These are some of the techniques I use to trick people…

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The best New Year’s resolutions don’t require too much thought. That seems to be the case for just about any good New Year’s resolution I have ever had. I definitely don’t tell myself that a resolution isn’t hard enough or good enough. I have no set of qualifications that makes a certain goal more worthy. They are frequently just something that I knew I needed to do.

I don’t remember last year’s resolution. I hope it was a good one. …

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I didn’t think I could do it.

But I did. A little bit at a time. And sometimes one article all at once. I used a great strategy that landed in my email inbox one day from Tim Denning — when you think of a good headline, email it to yourself.

Why does this work better than keeping it in my notes app? Because I see it again later when I check my email. It reminds me to migrate it to a draft.

When you do put it in a draft, write the first sentence. The thing that made you…

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I was confused when the fliers first showed up.

I stepped into the elevator one morning on my way to get coffee and there it was, the big red and yellow target that I instantly recognize as the Tide logo. “Tide cleaning service is coming to the first floor”.

Tide has a cleaning service? Like, the laundry detergent? Why does Procter and Gamble want to do my dry cleaning?

But, when you read, think about, design, and test products all the time, you start to see little underlying strategies everywhere. …

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Telling stories means something for you. In fact, you probably do it every day. A good story is a portal and if nothing else, a story can be a pathway to another place. When you are engaged in and captivated by someone’s story, you ride a wave of different emotions and experiences through twists and turns to some resolution.

But most of all, telling a story is a chance to share your experience. You need to learn to tell a good story because a story is a point of connection.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to learn to…

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I miss my family. I live a plane ride away from most of them and I’m not the kind of person who is trying to travel during COVID-19. The warm embrace of a wood stove and laughing with all of them until my sides ache seems to be on the other side of a dangerous chasm. But I’m still trying to move through the holidays with grace this year, anyway.

I’m focusing on the things I can control like getting up early and working out every day.

I’m drinking water and taking healthy breaks while I work from home.


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